First Drink Plan

Hello! I recently began work on the Stop Overdrinking program, and have started with the Quick Start Skills. On Monday (this is Friday), I committed myself to three nights of total sobriety this week, which I have achieved (and only had one drink on Wednesday). Normally, I would have gone through at least two bottles of wine in these 4 nights. Quite possibly more.
Knowing I would have met my goal, and after learning about the Drink Plan, I completed my first one yesterday, so I’d be ready to celebrate tonight. I just re-read it. It ends with “How I will feel after: dumb for drinking so much, concerned that I said something terrible, tired, because I still got up early even though I stayed up late. At least I’ll know I planned to feel like this.”
Um, seriously. Why would I *plan* to feel this way? It sounds awful! Reading that, I can’t imagine why I would want more than one drink, if any, rather than the 5 I planned for.
Is this how the Drink Plan is supposed to work? It definitely made me change the T in my model from “Drinking a bottle of wine will be fun!” to “Going to bed at a decent hour will be amazing!”