Future self exercise

Hi Brooke

Just want to say that the future self exercise blew me away. I know you have talked about it before on the podcast, but I find each time you revisit things your coaching gets stronger , or maybe my listening of it gets clearer! Who knows. This time I really took on board what my future self would think and do and it’s really bizarre in a way. First of all she has a lot more free time than I do because she’s not worrying about everything. She makes decisions really clearly and sticks to them. She has tons of time because she doesn’t buffer with food, Facebook or Netflix. She is bored with them! Who knew? Today I spent the whole day as my future self and it was very calm yet also exciting. She just makes decisions, bam! Also, I suddenly realised I am going to have to get some interests because my future self is bored with my life already. For the first time I thought about school break and thought “what would be really great to do with that time?” rather than waiting to see what would come up. I started thinking about ‘what would be really great to do?’ And what I would really love to do rather than what wouldn’t be too stressful, too expensive etc. My current self is worried about everything and kind of a drag to be honest. The main thing is the freedom from all of the worrying about how things are going to turn out.

thank you very much for this powerful tool!!