Future Thinking VS. Current Reality

My husband and I have the opportunity to buy our dream property. Its amazing and would be such a cool experience to raise a family in. However, we’d be house poor with our current income. This makes me think I’m approaching this opportunity from a place of scarcity, instead of hopefulness and intention. Then I say – numbers don’t lie. We can’t afford this home at this time. What would be a better thought?

C Dream property for sale
T We’d be foolish to buy it
F Bummed
A Stop looking for a way
R We don’t buy the property

C Dream property for sale
T We can totally make this work and figure it out.
F Nervous, but excited.
A Buy it.
R We have the property.

My second model doesn’t address the reality of other results — tight with money, can’t do fun things, saving will be depleted, etc. Or am I just playing it safe and not living?? GAHHH!