I have an impossible goal for this year, but I have been noticing that I do not take as much action as I could be taking. I got increasingly frustrated and felt stuck. Yesterday I started to read the book Gap vs. Gain by Dan Sullivan and I realized that I attributed my worth to this goal and was blind about my achievement already.

Actually a big part of my life is already my current ideal. Realizing this incredibly changed my mood. I am now tempted to learn first appreciating where I am at and what I already have before going behind my impossible goal. I am just scared to fall again into this (usually also very unproductive) stage of pursuing my goal. I constantly feel overwhelmed by all the things to do, I beat myself down for not being there yet and not taking more actions and I completely miss enjoying what I have now.

I am aware that I should not use other excuses for not continuing to pursue my goal, but do you have any advice how I can detect which things I actually should do and which things I only do out of fear? I really want to start living from abundance. Thank you.