Gender Roles/Money #2

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for your last response to my question about knowing and believing as it applies to my beliefs about women making money. I have discovered that the gender roles of fifty decades ago has indeed influenced the way I view my ability to make my own money now and all my life. These beliefs about money were supported by collective thinking of the time and my own unwitting acceptance of those beliefs. I could give you a detailed story about all of that but I would rather cut to the chase. I have come to my bottom line which is ‘I am not capable of making a lot of money’. This is reinforced by my choice to be an Artist. Here is a model.
C Money
T I am not capable of making a lot of money
F Acceptance
A Choose a profession where money is not the priority
R Become an Artist

I consider that I am a successful Artist but not in money terms. Even my artmaking has been supported by my partner.The belief I am working on in March is
‘I am an artist facilitator who delivers powerful examples of creative possibility to the world.’ In the last 24 hours I have considered adding ‘and I make $100,000’ but have decided not to add that yet. I am feeling confident with the first sentence and want to keep empowering that. By the way gender role issues are not the only thread of evidence for my beliefs about money. The list is long. I am thinking you would probably advise models on every negative thought about money. Right?
There is much cultural baggage about being an artist and making money.
I am looking for a way forward which doesn’t go in circles and keeps me feeling authentic as an Artist.
Cheers to you and thanks always for your clear and concise responses.