Gentle with yourself when planning

I’ve been using my tutoring time each month for a couple of themes…and every month they are similar
1. to try to understand why I’m not doing something I say I want to do…
2. Wondering whether I’m expecting too much

In your first coaching session today you mentioned the “gentle” quote ..or something close to that.

Here’s the situation
I have a demanding full time corporate job I’m happy with. I want to evolve and become a better coach as well as an entrepreneur so I’ll see you in August and am coaching myself in the meantime. I’m in another training program for work that requires some effort/time outside work hours. I have a long daily commute. I have friends and family with relationships I want to nurture. All is good … and mostly comfortable, but I’m remembering your teaching that unless we are uncomfortable we aren’t growing, and I came up with some big goals for 2018. I want to grow!

Now that we are a couple of months into the, I am reflecting again on my struggle to keep up with all the expectations I set up for myself. Could it be that I’m not “gentle”? Or is it poor planning? Or am I just lazy and making excuses?

A example model for my goal to TDL daily

C – I did not do a written TDL for past 3 days
T – I am not going to achieve my goals if I don’t stick to my commitments.
F – disappointed
A – recommit
R – I don’t do a TDL today either … until I wrote this. 🙂

T – I have too much going on.
T – I don’t have time for everything I want to do
T – maybe I should readjust my goals
T – perhaps I’ve signed up for too much
T – how can I expect to see change if I’m not following through on the basic assignments?

New T – did Brooke just tell me I should give myself some gentleness?

Please help!