Getting under 200lbs part 2

Brooke asked: So what would you do if you could no longer suffer on purpose?

1. I would stop eating. I’m actually rarely hungry. I’d easily get to my goal and we’ll under 200lbs

2. I would sleep better bc I wouldn’t create Sunday Night scaries drama.

3. I would get out of debt.

4. I would make beautiful dresses and offer them to the world without self created thought drama about rejection.

5. I would go to work. Do my job and stop having pity parties that I’m not doing a job I love

6. I would create the charm school/adulting 101 course that I’ve been dreaming about without self created drama about money, time, or qualifications.

My choice to suffer and always have things be a little bad to prevent something really bad….that choice has affected everything. So it’s not just a little bad to choose suffering. It’s pretty fucking awful

Is this list above essentially a list of goals or the compelling reason to choose being a bad ass over suffering. Or both?