Getting to the core feelings

I find that I’m buffering with TV, watching it too much when I Come home from work. I also have been doing the bare minimum here so far (started SCS in March)–writing my positive thought download and answering the five Qs. The positive thought download is easy for me. I’m generally inclined to think positively so it isn’t hard to find positive things to write. However, what is hard about the Qs is tuning into my feelings..that is those other than the positive feelings that I can be successful or will have success. Again, I’m inclined to positivity. However, my daily results indicate there’s more to the story but how to tune into the feelings OTHER than the positive that come up for me? I’ve only run one model for myself several days ago. I haven’t done the podcast questions. I haven’t read any of the bonus materials. My results and daily life that indicate there’s more below the surface: 100+ lbs overweight, in constant pain and using RX to manage, increasing debt, income stagnant, relationships off the rails, due in part to coming home and hiding out in front my TV while I eat.
So…where to go from here? Do the buffering book? Do the podcast Qs? Do one of the other bonus books? Run some models? All of the above? Part of the above? If more than one thing beyond the daily homework what order to do them in? Again, biggest question I suppose is how to reach beneath the automatic positive slant my brain wants to put on everything? Thx!!