Did I Do It Right? [On Fear of Cancer]

Hey Brooke,

Do you find that as you start to become more aware in doing this work, other things pop up? I find that’s been the case with me and it’s intriguing, because instead of running, resisting or ignoring…I am facing it head on and doing the necessary work on it.

So here’s the deal, I’ve noticed in the back burner of my brain there was a fearful thought that kept popping up causing me internal torment and I’ve finally decided to address it and free myself. I plugged and played this issue in the model, (please see below) and wanted your feedback.

Unintentional Thought Pattern:
C: My Mother died of cancer at the age of 53.
T: I could get cancer and die like my Mother.
F: Fear. Terror. Horror. Panic. Worry. Doubt. Sadness. Out of control. Hopeless. Shameful. Paranoid. Overly cautious.
A: Obsessed with anything cancer prevention. The slightest sickness/symptom worries me. Avoidance of the doctor’s office and really annoyed, paranoid and stressed when getting tests/exams. Working out and eating clean from a place of “I gotta do this so I don’t get cancer”, but sometimes I end up saying “screw it, we’re all gonna die anyway” and indulging, because I don’t want to live my whole life without ice cream (or fill in the blank with whatever food that may increase the possibility of cancer). Super serious and unable to enjoy life fully.
R: Crippling fear and lack of freedom in body and mind.

Intentional Thought Pattern:
C: My mother died of cancer at the age of 53.
T: You are not your mother. You will live long and strong like your great grandfather who lived a full life and died at 96.
F: Joy. Peace. Ease. Hopeful. Confident. Courageous. Delighted. Strong. Assured. Proud. Bold. Happy. Thankful. Loved.
A: I get check-ups regularly and listen to my body. I eat properly, (usually clean) because I appreciate my body and want it to function well. I look at scientific cancer prevention studies objectively and don’t automatically make it mean anything about me. I make decisions with the knowledge that one day I will die and that’s okay.
R: Total mind and body freedom.

Is there anything you’d add or change?

Thank you,
Melodee Forbes