Getting off track

I just posted a question earlier, sorry if this is overload. I chose to binge this evening instead of feel some unpleasant feelings. I set a goal for my first month of SCS to not overeat for the whole 30 days, and what I meant by that was binge, but I started believing my doubtful thoughts about doing this ‘right’ and what goal I should have set. What types of goals do people in the overeating program set that aren’t weight-related? I’m really committed to this process and have not taken a day for granted but I feel like since I chose to binge it means I’m not as committed as I need to be…?
Before I set these goals, I got good at accepting an evening of binging. I didn’t allow myself to feel guilt and shame, but now that I’ve set this goal and have technically now ‘failed’, I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m bummed. I’m completely doubting how all of this should look. I thought I was on the right track with a no sugar/no flour, clean protocol and a weekly joy eat, but then when I mentioned that my goal was to not overeat for 30 days, you mentioned to be cautious because that could be a bit like a diet mentality. Could you clarify that a bit more? What am I missing?
Thank you, thank you.