Getting Rejected for a Position


I had 2 really big thoughts after applying for a coaching position and getting rejected.  I tried creating 2 models from it, but I’m not so sure about the R line for both models.

For the first model, I know the thought is definitely not helping me, but not quite sure what the R line could be.  I tried coming up with things like “I’m bringing my self-worth down” or “I’m proving to myself that I’m not good enough” but they both could be something that could belong to the A line and I’m getting a bit confused.

Often times, I create an R line that looks like it could be in the A line and struggle to see what the R line could be.

Here are the 2 models:
C: Applied for a coach position and got a negative response.
T: I’m not good enough as a coach.
F: Shame
A: not thinking about what I did good/bad, not trying to improve my coaching skills based on the feedback, not trying to see the positive side of things, doubting self-worth, avoid this thought and feeling by buffering with work, Netflix and social media
R: ??

C: Applied for a coach position and got a negative response.
T: I shouldn’t be making money off this.
F: shame
A: Think about how my service could be a scam, feel guilty towards my clients, not believing that my service has value,
R: I make my service or offering a scam?

It would be great if I can get some advice on this! Thank you.