Give To vs. Get From | DMWC


You responded to an earlier question of mine looking for guidance on which course might be best for me to do next. Your response included the following: “Think about your choice in terms of what you will give to the work, rather than what you might get from it.” Could you provide additional clarification about what this means so I can understand this concept at a deeper level? I feel like I get this in terms of my coaching goal – the reason I postponed signing up for the certification program is because I recognized that my main driver for wanting to do it now was because of what I wanted to get from it as opposed to what I would give to it – and what I would give to others because of it. And I recognize my mindset is not as “outward” as I would like it to be when I decide I want to start a coaching business. I have to be in a place where I feel really aligned with the purpose of serving. It is my dream, but I’m just not ready yet. I’m taking time to work on me for now.

So, I get this concept, I think, in terms of something like that – something like running a business or something where other people are involved. But how does this apply in terms of things I am doing just for me, like courses? I understand that “it doesn’t get better than this” and that it’s better to operate in the feeling you want while achieving a goal instead of waiting until you achieve it to allow yourself to feel it. But I could use some additional help in understanding what it would look for me to view a course as what I am giving to it as opposed to what I am getting from it (in my brain, courses are framed as something to help me learn a new skill and improve overall quality of life – which is definitely all about what I want to get from it…help! 😀 ). TIA!!