Goal weight and pre-digested food

Hi Brooke – thank you for all you do. I LOVE SCS and am amazed daily by all the offerings and learning a TON.

2 quickie questions.

1. Approximate goal weight for 5″6 (in your opinion)?
2. In one answer you wrote “no pre-digested food” in response to someone asking about a smoothie. My smoothie is water, 2tbsp vanilla protein powder, frozen spinach, chlorella, moringa powder, ginger, cinnamon blended, then after blending I add whole chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and cacao nibs. So I do chew my smoothie in the end. Curious as to how does this may fall in line with the no pre-digested food advice?

I’m currently nursing my 12 month old so I”m not ready to intermittent fast yet, so the smoothie is my breakfast….

Thank you!!!