Goal weight protocol

Hi there,

I reached goal weight without weighing my food. (Protocol was just large plate of vegetables and portion of meat and portion of fat twice a day)
2 weeks later I started overeating after dinner telling myself it’s protocol food and it’s ‘allowed’.

So I watched your tough love and weighing and measuring videos on stop overeating masterclass, and decided to start weighing my meals to try achieve better freedom from chatter around my meals.
So I’m now eating 4oz protein 6oz veg/salad 2tbsp fat at 2pm and then at 8pm 14oz veg/salad 4 oz protein 3tbsp fat. I drink coffee and cream once or twice a day.

The weighing of my meals has brought up a lot of thoughts of deprivation. Thinking it’s not enough food. This isn’t healthy. It’s restrictive.
Even though I was physically full after dinner last night. And my weight is stable. (120lbs 5ft3) (I lost 25 pounds)

So I’m thinking I should keep coaching myself through these thoughts until this becomes automatic.
(New thoughts: this is enough food. I’m choosing to weigh my food because I want to be free)

Maybe I secretly want to keep losing weight.
Or maybe I just want to keep my focus on food and my weight instead of getting on with something more scarey like an impossible goal.
Or maybe this is just part of the process to making my eating automatic and maintenance for life.

It sounds like I’m indulging in confusion to me!

I think I must just commit to it. Coach myself. And see if I’m still hungry in 2 weeks.
What do you think?