Hi Brooke!
In a previous replay to someone else’s question where they had several different goals, you recommended choosing a goal that when accomplished would have the most positive effect on all the others. I too have several different goals but need to choose one to focus on.

In my case, the “Goal to Rule Them All” would be to keep a schedule and stop indulging in my beliefs about time (that there’s not enough of it; that I can’t get things done when family’s around; that it’s at the mercy of other people; that I suck at managing it; etc etc).
I have noticed that many of my models revolve around these thought errors. Also these thoughts about time result in buffering which result in wasting even more time. Also–of course–if I am not wasting time, then I am actually spending time productively which helps with my other goals. : )

So after some thought it seems that the first goal for me to strive for is to live on purpose, planning my time and sticking to the plan, and not buffering for hours every day.

I believe my reasons for this goal are more compelling than the other goals I have, which is good for motivating me to stay committed to it. The most compelling reason is that I’m ready to be done with that limiting belief, and with resenting the people in my life or the situations that pop up, instead of taking personal responsibility. I also *hate* the feeling I get when I know the day has past and I’ve not gotten the things accomplished that I wanted to. I hate realizing it’s dinner time and I hadn’t planned dinner. ETC. I don’t want to feel that way anymore!

The problem is: I am not sure how to make Time Management a MEASURABLE goal and with a “due date” or “endpoint.
By keeping lists of things I need to accomplish and checking them off when done?
By keeping a time journal and writing down what I do all day?

I would so appreciate your input on this! : )

Thanks so much