We’re going on a bear hunt with traffic lights!

Hi Brooke!
My daughter was reciting “We’re going on a bear hunt”, the story you can find here:

And I was thinking: it’s the same for our emotions. “We can’t go under it. We can’t go over it. We’ve got to go through it.”
I’ve created a list of useful thoughts on my weightloss journey and I’ve divided them into three parts:
– the compassionate thoughts (like “It was meant to happen this way”, “there’s something for me to learn”…) when I’m still on the left bank (that I equate to the red light in a traffic light system),
– the transformative ones like “this is the perfect opportunity to become who I want to become.” when I’m crossing the river of misery and I have to refocus (the yellow light)
– the successful thoughts like “I’m already on the other bank…” when it’s easy peasy (the green light). Today is a green light day!
Last but not least, after running my daily intentional model, I write a little paragraph to turn it into some visualisation – yesterday, I read it several times before bedtime and really came to believe that I had only eaten 2 pastries for my (exceptional) breakfast!
What are your thoughts?
Have a good one!