Going Through My File Cabinet – Changing My Past

I listened to your podcast today and it dawned on me that for most of my life each time I was stressed or frustrated I naturally reached out to comforting food.
Very quickly my brain would search the file of ‘What to do when we are stressed’ and find that food was a solution that worked before and so easily I would find myself reaching out to it again and again. It’s like my brain allocated a special folder for it, carefully organized and kept easy to reach.

If I want to change that habit, that past, that way I’ve dealt with emotions, it’s as if you are asking me to open that brain file cabinet, take out that file of that memory, destroy it mentally and teach myself a new way of dealing with such situations.
For some reason my brain tells me, ‘Hey, don’t get rid of that file, you might need that data…’
Does it make any sense?