good vs bad decisions


When I don’t have a protocol for a meal and I sit down to eat, I see my brain start to get excited for not having limitations to follow, and later on during the meal I experience anxiety because of the thought “I have to choose whether to eat one more bite or leave it,”with the implicit assumption that one of the two choices (whether to put more food in my mouth or not) is better than the other. At the same time I have the thought: “I have a limited time to decide,” because “I want to define an end to the meal and clean my dishes, I don’t want to remain here wondering for hours if my meal is over or not and this creates hurry. All in all, the meal is accompanied by tension. Could you please offer me some different point of view on this? Also, could you maybe suggest to me some resources in the Study Vault or in the podcast where Brooke/the coach discuss about the illusion of good and bad decisions?