Nurses should make more money

I am a coach and I feel powerless right now as a nurse, which I also am. I know that it is a “C” that there is no nurse union for us nurses. We do not get any float or hazard pay for COVID. I know that nurses create their own value and that if we manage our minds we will create what we want.
C-no official nurse union
T-We should get hazard pay for COVID
A-my alignment dips, I start to complain with my coworkers, I make myself less valuable for complaining, I do not ask myself the hard questions about why I want hazard pay. I know that having a nurse union would not make us get hazard pay, I do not work uniting us nurses collectively as I have been to get what we want.
R-We do not get more compensation
This is work that I have been struggling with and need some coaching. Thank you.