Goodbye to My Limiting Money Mindset

Growing up my mom would always tell me that we didn’t have to worry about money, that we had enough, no more, no less.

As an adult I find myself thinking “Don’t worry about money, I make enough, no more, no less.” This results in a lifetime of making ‘enough’. I am now ready to make more than enough.

So far I have explored what enough means, why I want more than just enough and received coaching.

I have a new offer that’s filled with so much value but when it came time to price it I thought “I already make enough money, this offer would be more than enough” it resulted in me not sharing the offering I feel so passionate about.

I would love to replace the thought “Don’t worry about money, I make enough, no more, no less” with one that makes me feel abundant, generous and limitless but all of the new thoughts feel like such a huge leap from my current thinking.

Could you recommend a bridge thought?