Great at managing money from fear

Hi and thanks in advance
I’m currently doing the Money training concurrently with February topic on emotions. I’m great at managing my money. I have worked consistently for many year on educating myself about money and how to create it passively. The many small steps I have taken have compounded (pardon the pun 🙂 ) and I am seeing traction. My once pie in the sky retirement plan, although still a long way away seems very realistic and totally achievable, I believe it will happen and I feel peace knowing this. What I want to change is that currently, albeit effectively , I create money out of fear. I want to create money from abundance and joy.

My parents have always been pretty hopeless money managers. My father earned a high income in his career and now at retirement has nothing because he never planned ahead and just spent it all. He is extremely generous but hasn’t done anything sensible to look after himself. My mum is not quite as bad but has been paying off debt for many many years. She is finally debt free but can’t afford to pay for big essential expenses like major dental work she now needs. Which is distressing for her…. and me if I let myself think about it.

If I let my attention (thoughts) go to my parent’s financial situation I feel very stressed. I am extremely motivated and committed to being responsible for my own finances because of this.
Money for me is all about being safe and secure. I save and create more money so I feel safe and protected and my children are protected. I always want to have a home and enough money to handle any unexpected emergency expenses. I knew exactly how I would spend (invest) 1 million or 10 million. It was very interesting to see it was mostly on buying homes for my parents or investing for the future with a little bit put aside for travel and adventure.
Can you please comment on this and suggest some useful thoughts I might be able to start using to shift from creating from a space of fear to creating from a space of abundance?
Just writing this out is helpful in itself.
I’m most grateful for your help.