Great switch…

I was listening to your December 1st Live coaching call and I love your coaching about switching how we see things. I’m selling the house. Yay to making a decision. And I’m due to clear about 1million dollar. yay to being a millionaire. WHAT!!!!

And my original thought was.. money will leave quickly… I’ll not have a job since the house provides most of my income as an Airbnb house.. a million dollar in NY will last for 10 years (you need about 100k to live here) and a few days ago I started switching my thoughts to… Wait..

What about… I’m going to have a million dollars. I can multiple that.

I can make that into Two million… because I bought this house with 100k down.. yes, I been paying for it for 15 years, blah, blah… I can find another property. I’m good at finding something, I have done it before. And I have my coaching business, which will become my main source of income. And I heard your 2017 Year in Review how you very quickly mentioned the wealth factory and I contacted them…

So it’s all about how we see things… oh dear brain and Brooke.

Thank you.


C: A million dollars
T: It will go away, vanish, I don’t know how to manage it
F: fear, uncertain
R: no money

C: A million dollars
T: I’ll hire the right people and learn, I have made money in the past, I actually made that million… WHAT!!!!
F: Confident
A: Educate and learn
R: Two Million