Hi Brooke,

I am having an issue with feeling guilt a lot of the time. I am a mum of 2 little beauties 😍 A 4 year old and a 1 year old. However I can’t seem to shake off this feeling of guilt when I am not with them. I have a chronic health condition which requires me to be in bed / have lots of rest. I have tried to set my life up to give me times in the week where there are planned rest periods in order to prevent a full relapse. I have feelings of shame and guilt when I take these. If I go to work and leave them with a childminder I don’t feel shame and guilt. I feel it’s justified. (That I am earning for my family so that is okay etc.) I am worrying what other people think a lot too. I feel people expect you to be with your kids if you are not working or they judge you. Etc. I know it’s my thinking. I have tried to do models on this. However I can’t seem to really deep down believe that this is okay.

Thanks xx