A Half Sunday, A Single Question, & Plethora of Options – What Will YOU Choose?

I was expecting a guest to stay over by us for the weekend and knew that I will need to devote my time to grocery shopping, cooking, serving and everything that hosting someone in your home entails.
It all went lovely and my guest left this morning, feeling cared for and loved.
With half a Sunday stretched before me I heard my brain saying, ‘You need to take some time for yourself. Let’s get you an ice cream of some other reward for your hard work.’

My two months ago self would spend the day snacking on flour-based carbs, sitting on the sofa and shopping online.

My today self asked the following question, ‘Given that you have so many options, what activities can you engage with that will increase your self-worth by mid-day?’
It sent my brain to very different answers, out of which I chose a few:

I rolled-open a yoga mat and did a 30-minutes yoga practice.
I prepared myself a delicious coffee.
I drank lots of ice-cold water.
I listened to a podcast while lying back with a face soothing mask.
I read three more chapters in a book.

It’s only mid-day and I already feel that my sense of self-worth has been replenished by taking care of things that I value.
Flour-based foods, sitting all those hours, and shopping online would all be worth-diminishing activities.
And it all stemmed from that single question.
A half Sunday, a single question, & plethora of options – what will YOU choose? That would be your reality.