Hanging Out With People

Hi Brooke, I have an issue with hanging out with people. But my issues is not I don’t want to hang out. My issue is When I find myself being adviser all the time. I prefer to stay home and watch movies or read books and enjoy my time. I am a foreign Dr. even in US I don’t have a big community to hang out with but it seems more obvious here than in my country. When I am hanging out with people, my brain is going to this way that how she behaves in a wrong way and this is the right way. So if they bring it up I will notice them. So I am like an adviser all the time. Then I feel like I get bored to advise people even when they are not applying it. So I prefer spend my time alone. Or do some activity that there is no more talk to that like playing tennis or kick boxing. My question is, why I don’t like to be an adviser, or why I get bored if I think it is the good way? And I was thinking about you, how you hang out with people without being the adviser? Or I was thinking it is better not to dig into the life and just live simply as it is. I would like to know your idea about it?