Hello! I have been working on my impossible goal for the year. What came up was how there won’t be any better than here. I’ve felt myself push myself along with a goal to just “get through it” and get to the other side – almost like if you hold your breathe until you are there. I’ve also been in the space where I think – It will be better when… or I’ll be better when… I see myself going to that place. I’ve placed my happiness in things, people, experiences etc. I realize I don’t need any of it to be happy, but my brain just stops. What then creates happiness if it’s not external? I know it’s my thoughts. I understand I can give myself permission now to be happy. My question comes from a line in Brooke’s podcast – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This – where she says “I didn’t have to think about being grateful for anything. I didn’t have to look at my life and see what I have. I could be happy regardless of what I have to be thankful for. ” I looked around at my house and the things I have and where I’m at in my life and thought – well I am happy because I have all of this right now. How do I create happiness outside of that even? If I truly had none of it and could still be happy… where do I even direct my mind to for a thought to think happiness outside of all of it?? To even begin to build a ladder thought? Does it come from loving ourselves or to just be? I would love some help! Thanks!