Happy as I am, or deluding myself? – follow up

Dear Brooke

Thank you for your response to my rather long winded question! It was helpful. But there is just a niggle in my mind about the goal weight thing. You say “The goal weights are a way to learn about our brains and why we give up and resist being conscious and deliberate when it comes to what we put in our mouths for fuel”. But what if the goal weight is so low that you need to starve to get there? Is it really possible to weigh whatever you want – if that weight is ridiculously low for you – and NOT be starving? I got down to a very low weight for me, but I only got there by eating about 300 calories a day, and I felt physically dreadful, and then I ended up in hospital for a while. I didn’t do this on SCS, I must say, it was nothing to do with SCS. But at some point on your protocol thing, people must get to their ideal weight and then getting below that means entering a risky place? Or am I mis-understanding? I only go on about this because I am concerned about eating disorders, and this idea, that being able to get to a very low goal weight is possible if you “just try hard enough”, which is what I take from your programme, and it seems dangerous to me.

I don’t want to be a kill joy – obviously lots of people get lots from your programme. But life coaching is not a regulated field, as yet, so entertain me as the devil’s advocate! For all the people getting great results and having a wonderful time, I just wonder how many others are out there beating themselves into the ground for not doing “as well” as the “successful” ones, and by God, I feel for them! Because I am one of them, unable to sustain a “goal” weight and hating myself for not managing.

With love and blessings.