Having Goals and Asking Questions

Ok! I’ve been at this Self Coaching a week now, and I was voraciously reading the material and I came across the quote that “the 2 greatest tools for Scholars are having goals and being able to ask good questions”. Well, count me in the crowd who lack in both these areas. Over the years I have promised myself I would develop my goal list and it never got done. Then, I do what I consider an accurate model and I am stumped at needing to ask the right questions. So…I came up with these two Models:
Unintentional Model
C – I don’t have a set of Goals in mind for my future
T – I go day to day taking life as it comes:
F – Frustrated
A – Go about my day solving other peoples problems.
R – Ultimately unhappy with myself and others.

Intentional Model
C – I have a set of Goals in mind for my future
T – My Goals are clearly defined and they are my Compass
F – Confident
A – My day starts and ends with Goal Realization
R – The culmination of me planning my life is that now, I achieve what I believe.

I have been creating many models with many different themes, but in my mind this takes precedence. It’s just that when I think of Goals, I think of deep introspection into what my desires are (my what) and the reasoning behind them (my why). I guess, ultimately, my question is, am I doing this right?