Health Journey

I’m on a health journey and would love to be “there” already. For me, this means losing about 7-10 pounds and feeling great in my body. When I’m “there” I’ll have more energy and less brain fog, more presence, and less physical discomfort (inflammation, headaches, etc). I’ve had food protocols on and off, made progress here and there, and yet here I am again. I’m not creating a consistent daily protocol and often watching my lower brain desire sugar then answering the desire, even though it goes against what I want long term. I feel somewhat discouraged and tired of allowing the desire for sugar to seem so important in the moment and then having to deal with the physical consequences of how I feel after I eat it. I know sugar affects my body in ways I really don’t like and yet I keep eating it as if the “addiction” to it (seems like a strong word but I think it applies) is just too strong. I can come up with intentional models but then my brain says, “we’ve already tried them all and here we are again.” Ugh.

C Created a protocol last night, ate two chocolate muffins today that were not on protocol
T I’ve tried all the intentional models and yet here we are again
F Discouraged
A Notice the headache I have from eating the muffins, wish I didn’t eat them, wonder if I’ll ever get this, want to take a nap, not be present, close my eyes, think about how I’ve done really well in the past and ask myself why I keep going back to sugar when I know it doesn’t serve me, moan and groan a bit, eat another treat since I “already had sugar today so I might as well have this and then start again tomorrow”, not create an intentional model
R I keep myself here/I keep myself from discovering the intentional model that gets me to the next step on my journey