Hello, needing assistance with a model I am trying to work with – Daughter moved home.

Our daughter has moved home because of Covid and we have downsized to a small apartment. She is constantly making a mess and not cleaning up after herself. There is always mess everywhere. She spreads her self over the whole house. When I ask her to clean up she does, when she is ready. And then she rushes so quickly that nothings really clean. She would leave her washing in the basket for a week in our small laundry/office. She has always been the same. I need assistance with my model please.
C: Daughter moved home makes mess everywhere
T: Unfair on us shes showing No respect for us
F: Frustrated
A:I do it myself as its quicker and cleaner.
R: I get more frustrated, upset, angrier and its not good for our relationship.

C:Daughter moved home makes mess everywhere
A: Talk with her, explain how we need to all clean up as we go.
R: Better relationship, more understanding more open and she may just clean up more.