Help with bridge thoughts

I had uncovered negative thoughts about myself during a podcast exercise, and you had suggested that I focus on what’s amazing about me in my job. Reading that made me pretty emotional because it’s just not the way I think (not yet, anyway) and I couldn’t come up with a single thing. I would start to think a thought like ‘I’m reliable’ and ‘I help out my colleagues’, but then I’d go right to ‘but you’re not that way 100% of the time so you really can’t say you’re reliable.’ Good grief. I’m looking for bridge thoughts to help me bust through this. I had nothing before I started typing, now my brain is going to ‘I don’t punch people in the face at work, I don’t steal supplies, I show up everyday.’ The first one made me laugh so I feel better, but I’m not sure how to build a bridge to feel amazing about myself in my job. I work in public health which is is very meaningful for me and makes me think great-feeling thoughts, but I don’t know if thoughts about how great my field is will translate to me in my current job. I thought about adding a reminder on my phone with the question ‘what’s amazing about you in your job?’ to prompt my brain to search for evidence, but right now, the automatic answer is ‘not a damn thing.’ Which I don’t think is true intellectually, but it unfortunately feels true in my body. Maybe ‘there might be something amazing about me in my job’?