How to help client with her thoughts about daughter-in-law

Brooke, thank you for making your incredible program(s) available to me. My life has totally changed! My confidence is growing and the number of clients I have doubled in September! I am able to give them tools that are so, so valuable.
I have a client who’s son (@ 40 years old) has had a traumatic brain injury. He had several concussions which led to blood on his brain which led to several surgeries. This has affected his cognitive function. When he was reaching the end of his allotted therapy, the doctors said he should be moved into a nursing home. His wife believed that was the best next step for him. His mother (my client) would not allow it. She and his father decided to take him into their home to care for him. They are at the five month point now. The son is showing improvements but has more to go.

Her daughter-in-law lives about an hour away. Arrangements have been made for Barry to “visit” he and his wife’s home on weekends.
Now when the weekends draw near, the daughter-in-law will not take phone calls, accepts only text messages and doesn’t answer back some of the time. She has delayed the drop off times so that the original plans have had to be changed. This is causing discomfort for my client.

When I was working with my client I helped her come up with a thought, ” I can communicate in a positive way through texting.” She could believe it and it made her feel powerful.

This, of course is a difficult circumstance. I would love any direction you can give me to help her.

Many thanks,