Help with new thoughts/goals

I joined this month and am excited to go from consuming information to applying it to my life. Excited and scared, to be honest. I would like some new thoughts around self-acceptance and self-confidence, but my question is should I start with a more concrete goal in a particular area of my life? I’ve struggled a bit with feeling not quite good enough or dynamic enough for my life, and it shows up as self-doubt in my ability to lead at work and also in my relationships and dating (which is absent at the moment.) I don’t think my main goal right now relates to either career or relationships, though. I’d like to just start feeling better in my own skin. But I can feel myself wanting to find that one magical thought that I can practice believing to never feel insecure again. Probably not a great goal or way to live/grow, but there it is! I do want to be an effective, inspiring leader and I want to be in a relationship with a great guy, but I think both those goals would be more achievable if I thought differently about myself and valued what I uniquely have to offer, which is on the more introverted and reserved side. Maybe that’s BS, but it’s what I’ve been choosing to think…..

I also want to say that I found your podcast at the end of January, and I think you’re awesome, Brooke. You’re so clear and insightful, and your teaching super-duper resonates with me. Thank you for your work!