I am struggling to understand when it is considered “emotion avoidance/resistance” vs. actively coming up with thoughts to change the negative feeling. On one hand, we are being taught to “embrace” all feelings, good and bad, but then encouraged to use the model to change the feelings that don’t serve us, so we can feel better. Can you please clarify that for me?

Recently, we got a new Sr. VP over my division. Last week, my direct supervisor called me in for a talk and said that this new SVP feels I am not doing enough and questions if my position is warranted. Understand, that this new SVP had only worked all of 4 days at that point, most of which was spent going through her own orientation, out at meetings or in her office. I exchanged barely two sentences with her (mostly just as a greeting in the morning). I was floored by hearing her sudden assessment of my work. I take pride in doing my best at everything, and this felt like a major slap in the face. I was cycling through every negative emotion under the sun—anger, hurt, indignant, insulted, unappreciated, fear of losing my job.
This was more than could be covered in my 10-minute coaching session, so I am still at a loss of what I need to do/how to do the model on this. Here is a model on just ONE of those feelings:
C: Supervisor shared some comments from the new SVP about my work
T: How in the world can she make that assumption without spending any time as a new employee? But as the new SVP, my job could be in jeopardy by no fault of my own—it’s not fair!
F: Angry, indignant, hurt, fearful, insulted.
A: Have an internal emotional breakdown, struggle with self-confidence, trust. Double-up on my work, to give no room for criticism.
R: Unable to sleep at night. Working hard, but feeling lousy and resentful.
C: Supervisor shared some comments from the new SVP about my work
T: That is so outrageous! Where/how did she come up with that? Since it’s second hand information, maybe something was lost in the translation—maybe there’s something more going on. If there is a plan to make an overhaul of the current staff by the new SVP, then I need to be prepared for the worst, rather than second-guessing.
F: Determination, courageous
A: Plan to speak with supervisor to gain clarity
R: Will hopefully have a better understanding of the situation.
I’m not sure if this is set up correctly or if that is the intentional model I should shoot for. I also don’t know what to do with all the other emotions floating around in my head. Please help!