Help me to stop my aprés coaching self-judgement!

Hi Brooke,
My coaching business has been ramping up lately and I’ve found that the more successful I am, the more I review, and self- judge after my group-teaching/private-coaching sessions. In the beginning I left a group or private client just happy to have had a chance to do what I love. These days, I have a hard time coming off of them and just letting them be what they were. I’ll dissect what I said and wonder if I was impactful, clear and helpful enough. I’ll even remember the way a client responded to something I said and wonder if they thought I was full of it. I hate this feeling and have worked the model, but I must be struggling with a compelling reason to shift away from self-review because the new thoughts aren’t sticking. Have you ever dealt with this? Thanks for any insight/help you can give!
All the best 🙂 Michelle