Help with a client

Hi Brooke! I just started coaching someone who is knee-deep in the victim mentality right now. She blames her ex-husband for alienating her from her kids. She constantly feels judged by him and has bought into the belief that she’s a bad mom/failure/loser because of everything he says. She only sees her kids (teenagers) a few hours a week, and according to her, there is little connection between them. She fears that any decision she makes will result in more criticism from the ex and less time with her kids. She describes herself as “desperate” and “needy” and “powerless.”

Fortunately, she’s very familiar with Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle and can be quite insightful at times. She’s able to recognize intellectually that her thoughts create her feelings/actions/results. I feel like there’s so much thought work to be done, but don’t know where to begin helping her. Is there a particular order that I should teach her tools? Your advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!!!