Help with alternative model on husband

Please help with my model

C – husband doesn’t leave the room but stays scrolling phone after alarm goes off
T – he shouldn’t be scrolling / he should leave so I can start my am routine
F – irritated
A – ruminate on how he shouldn’t be doing this and ruminate on how I should be more accepting / change my thought. Don’t start my am routine and blame him for not starting it, don’t feel grateful
R – my am routine is thrown off so I reinforce the thought

C – same
T – I want to believe: he’s relaxing and it’s good for him and for me for him to relax / he should be scrolling and I can do my am
Routine regardless … I know this is too many thoughts but not sure how to choose one – also I want to believe them but I don’t??
A – I do my am routine, I feel connected and loving towards him, he relaxes and we both enjoy our an
R – I reinforce the thought