Help with better model while waiting to hear about job interview process

Hello, can you please help me construct a better model while I’m waiting to hear back about a recruitment process I’m in? I did a 3rd round interview last week, and I’m waiting to hear back. I’m alternating between positive confident feelings and worry. Here’s a couple of unintentional models…

C Recruitment process
T I’m just waiting to hear back.
F. Neutral
A. Do nothing.
R. Continue waiting.

C Recruitment process
T What if I don’t get it?
F Worried
A 1. pace anxiously, 2 continue to worry, second guess myself
R I might not show up in the best manner possible in the next step of the recruitment process.

So far I have shown up positive and confident in my interactions with them, with thoughts around “I’ve got this. I can do this job. I’m saying YES to this opportunity, to a great salary package offer, and this new company”.

Up until now the recruitment process moved fairly quickly. But now I’m waiting. I know they are waiting to discuss with the general manager and that might take a few days as he has just returned from holidays. How can I keep reminding myself that it’s just a process?

I really want my result to be “I enjoy myself while I’m waiting (organizing and tidying house, getting stuff in order, maybe doing some baking etc)” AND the result of “I’m am offered the job with a great salary package” OR at least “I am invited to meet the general manager”.

It’s possible that I’m not only worried that I might not get the job, but also about what I might make that mean if I don’t. I got all the positive, encouraging signs that occur in a job interview, at least as far as I can read people, and not being offered the opportunity to either move to the next round or being offered the position will likely come out of left field. And I’m worried what I’ll make that mean.

Sorry this is a bit complex, it’s not actually. I just have several models here I think! thanks!