Help With Model – Hunger

Hi! I am working on the thought of hunger being a neutral circumstance. I typically think hunger is an emergency and have trained myself to eat even at the smallest request for food – hence my overeating! I would love to work on believing hunger is not an emergency so I can peacefully allow it to come and go rather than feel like I am restricting and depriving myself if I choose not to answer it. Based on this – am I working on the correct models below? Thank you!

C – physical hunger (is this truly a circumstance? does everyone experience physical symptoms differently?)
T – i need to eat so I am not starving myself and never want to neglect or treat my body poorly
F – uptight. anxious. fear.
A – eat at any sign of hunger no matter how big or small
R – eats so I am not starving myself

C – physical hunger
T – hunger is neutral. hunger is neither good or bad.
F – curious
A – see what happens when I choose not to answer hunger at every request.
R – ???

Thank you!