Help with my model, please and thank you!

Hi Brooke!

I struggle with a dependency on overeating dessert at night as a way to become “unconscious” and feel pleasure to avoid feeling lonely or bored, however this habitual cycle makes me feel sad and powerless and I spend a lot of energy fighting my mind and urges that come up and majority of the time end up “losing” to the urges and giving in and it goes round and round. I have written out my current model and a proposed new one to try and help myself, could you please check it and let me know if it can be modified to work better? I feel that it could be improved but am struggling with it.

Current Model:

C I have a strong desire to overeat dessert each night

T I have to buy the food and eat it

F Stressed

A I go and buy the chocolate or mousse

R I end up eating it mindlessly and then feeling guilty, I do not achieve the body I desire, I continue to feel powerless

New Model:

C I have a strong desire to overeat dessert each night

T It’s okay for me to go straight home and not buy the dessert – I will survive and although I may be a bit uncomfortable, the delaying of gratitude will surmount to an even bigger sense of pleasure that has NO negative consequence on the back end.

F anxious, panicked, restricted

A I don’t buy it, I go straight home

R I don’t overeat dessert at night and sit through whatever feelings come up