Help with R from thought – she’ll judge me as a lazy indulgent mom

C – Asked sister in law to watch daughter for 2 hours on Sunday while I prepare for a workshop (I’m
solo parenting one child for the weekend and she’s solo parenting 3 children as our husbands are away)
T – She’ll judge me for being a lazy, indulgent mum who can’t cope with 1 kid while she’s got 3
F – Apprehensive
A – Keep giving her options to bow out, say I can ask a friend, ask her to let me know if it will be too much for her but deep down really wanting her to say yes, offer to take her kids for a time (but at a time that I think won’t really work for her), constantly think about it and wonder when she’ll message me back to let me know if it’s too much, put pressure on myself to get my prep done during the week so I don’t need to rely on her for the 2 hours, consider offering to take her kids for two hours instead to give her a break, stress about whether I’ll be able to get my prep done, drain my energy from stressing, create fatigue and make it more likely I’ll need help
R – Not sure how to tie this to my T?