Help with result line of my model

Hi – I’d love some help with my UM and IM below – I guess more the IM as I’m not coming up with a R line.

C: I have a physical body
T: I ache and hurt.
F: Old
A I exercise less because of joint pain, I notice the stiffness, I feel loss.
R: I focus on the physical discomfort.

C: I have a physical body.
T: I ache and hurt sometimes
F: Acceptance
A I move and visualize comfort. I meditate and visualize ease. I work to feel gratitude for my physical body.
R: ??

I’m having a hard time with the result. I still feel the stiffness and aching. I often have a hard time distinguishing between my A line and my R line – in many models. Can inaction and mental “action” be actions?