I’m working on a book and am unhappy with my progress on the project (which has literally been zero for a matter of weeks). Today I did a thought download and models, both unintentional and unintentional. One thought, “I have too many ideas” makes me feel confused and I then do no writing, giving evidence I have that my book project is not progressing. To be intentional, my new thought will be “I can focus my ideas by making clear choices.” This made me think of Brooke’s comments about contraints.

I can tell my inner rebel comes out when thinking about working under constraints, but I’m willing to learn and to think differently about them. 🙂 I’m wondering where I can learn about working effectively with constraints here. What program(s) is that under and can you direct me to that info? Any feedback on the gist of the above models would also be welcomed.

Thank you!