Help With Result Please

I’m currently stuck at a weight above my goal, and have been at this weight for more than 6 months. I can lose some but then put it back on again. I know I’m not following through on my plan consistently. I know what to do, but not doing it. A thought I had was I’m my own worst enemy. I drafted a model but can you help with the result please?

C: My weight is above my goal weight.
T: I’m my own worst enemy.
F: defeated
A: Eat snacks. Give in to urges. Don’t plan meals for tomorrow consistently. Don’t go for a walk. Stay up late. Tell myself I should be able to do this.
R: ?

I thought a result could be I prove that I’m my own worst enemy, but am grateful for any other suggestions? Also how to start to turn this around please?
Thank you.