Help with urge model

Hi! I’m working at learning how to “allow” urges. Still struggling with it. I believe it has been said that an urge goes in the F line. Today I had an urge to eat when I wasn’t hungry. I’m not sure what the C was. I just had a thought pop in my head that I wanted to eat, nothing really happened to make it appear except perhaps just a habit of overeating. Can you help with my model below please? I think my C and R lines need help. Thank you!

C: Had urge to eat (isn’t this really a feeling? Can it go in C line?)
T: I want to eat something even though I’m not physically hungry
F: Desire/Urge
A: Did thought download and model to try and work through this. Tried to “allow” this urge by thinking about why I am really having it. Left kitchen area so I’m not tempted to eat. Drank a bunch of water to fill myself up more.
R: I did not eat, but am still having the thought of wanting to eat (so I probably resisted it rather than allowing it?)