Help with Weight Loss Protocol

I am new to Scholars. I have watched all the weight loss videos and have created a food protocol. I eat lunch anytime between 1:00-2:00. I eat the same thing every day. I eat dinner between 5:00-6:00 pm. That’s it. No other food until the next day at lunch. I do have coffee 2 cups with half and half every morning and evening after dinner.
(NO SUGAR, NO FLOUR) last 30 days (Start Date November 30, 2020)
4-5 oz grilled chicken
2 huge handfuls of lettuce (spring mix), 5 cherry tomatoes, 3 tablespoon dressing,
1/4 cup of shredded cheese

I alternate days between the above salad for dinner and this menu
4-5 ounces grilled chicken or lean steak
1-2 cups broccoli
Baked Sweet Potato with butter (sometimes just a regular Baked Potato)
I have been following this protocol for a month now. I have only lost 5 lbs in a month. The scale comes down and then goes back up. I am reaching out to you because I weigh more this week than I did last week. The scale is going the wrong way. 🙁
How can I adjust this protocol to get results fast! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I just turned 50!
I am 5’3 tall
I currently weigh 141 (started at 151 three months ago)
The last time a weighed 130 was 2 years ago. I starved myself and it took me 9 months to lose 25 pounds. Started at 150 and the lowest weight was 125. People told me I looked too thin. 🙂 I feel really good at 130lbs. My goal is to reach 130 and maintain that.
I look forward to your reply. Thank you