Help with work

Hi Brooke,

Yesterday my boss and a colleague both got made redundant and an interim structure has been put in place.

The CEO came and spoke to me about mine, he said he knew it wasn’t ideal, but that it is only temporary and if I could help him out that he would really appreciate it.

After meeting with CEO had meeting with my interim manager (a general manager who was at same level as me) and she said that the CEO actually made comment to her that she could restructure, I read this to mean she was going to make my role redundant as she has been going for my role for some time. She did mention that she still had to confirm what CEO meant by his comment to her. I instinctively felt that this was a bit of a power play on her part.

Despite not getting that impression from CEO, I didn’t sleep last night as I keep running negative thought loop, I am going to lose my job? What will I do? Is this what she really meant? Does she even have the authority to make such a call?

I have done a heap of though downloads and models trying to help me work out how I can get to the result, “get clarity on security of my role”.

Below is what it looked like.
C- new interim manager
T- she is going to fire me
F- scared
A- run worse case scenarios
R- I retreat, don’t show up

C- same
T- I am uncertain about the future of my role
F- honest
A- ask CEO or HR for clarity as to whether she is allowed to do that
R- get clarity

The trouble with the second is I have fear in asking as may get response that she does have authority. Although I guess so what? Then I have my clarity?
I have addressed with her and she said she hadn’t thought about it yet as also just received news.

So may challenge is getting my thoughts working for me. I’m not sure calling HR would provide me with clairty- but because I feel there was malice intent behind her comment I feel like I could be worrying for no reason. I completely get that worry is not protective.

So guess just looking for thoughts to help me stop all of the negative loops during this time of uncertainty…