Help with writing the results of my model

Hello! I would really appreciate you looking over my results line in my models. I am trying to write it in a simplified cleaner way which shows me the overall results I am creating in my life.

C: Planned Same day Schedule
T: This isn’t 24 hours in advance!
F: Rebellious
A: Did not follow through on commitments made. I did not work for full scheduled hours. Buffered with reading and Netflix. Did not Grocery shop until late in the evening.
Did not follow through on commitments I was notified of (ex: touch up home at 6:30 pm). Avoided looking at my calendar. I justified that my schedule was not made 24 hours in advance.
R: Justified inaction instead of honoring commitments I had made for myself that morning.

C: Planned Same day Schedule
T: When I put something on my calendar, I follow through
F: Committed
A: Follow through on scheduled tasks. Do not allow buffering. Remind myself this is what I want to do, otherwise, I wouldn’t have put it on my calendar.

I have 3 R’s, which one shows the result I am creating my taking these actions?

R 1: I gain trust with myself as I learn to trust that I plan for my happiness and well being.
R 2: I gain trust with myself knowing I want what is best for me and I keep my commitments.
R 3: My trust in myself grows as I honor my commitments.

Thank you so much for your help!