Hi Brooke,
My drinking goal is to be able to drink on the weekends and not during the week. I have had success with this so far here my first month. As I mentioned before it is at miracle that have been able not to drink during the week. But, come the weekend I can’t seem to follow my drink plan in the amounts of drinking. Not drinking during the week has made me feel great (until last night where I used the excuse that my daughter bought a house and therefore I needed to celebrate by myself.) Anyway, I know it would be great to never drink again, but right now I’m not sure that is what I want (I know download on that lol). I just want to be normal!! I am with my family alot (grown kids, married, grandchildren) and we tend to get together a lot on weekends which I love and then comes the drinking. Oh, I don’t know. The one thing Bev said last night was this work initially may be exciting but it should not be after that. I guess its hard work and I need to stick with it no matter what. I tend to give myself permission for not going all in on the drinking too much. I think I really need to make a tutoring session. I am feeling really depressed. I guess I’ll let myself feel this before moving onto better feeling (well that’s easy without a drink cuz it’s 7:00 am)
Love, Robin x