Here’s what’s possible

Hi Brooke,

Just wanted to write it to say THANK YOU! I attended Life Coach Training last year, knowing that I would benefit from it but not exactly sure what the path might be. I was already a coach/consultant with an established practice but also had another option moving into a corporate position. The coach training was amazing. I learned not only how to coach others but became more masterful about self-coaching and gaining confidence in myself.

At the very end of the practicum, the corporate position was offered to me but at a very low ball offer. Without missing a beat, I said that was too low and I couldn’t take less than $xx plus a bonus – which by the way, was $100k more than my current salary – but I knew my value was worth it. Before, I may have asked for a higher salary, but not nearly as much and certainly not with the same confidence level. They came back the next week and offered me what I wanted, and I accepted.

So, even though I’m not pursuing my own life coaching practice at this time, I’m so excited about my path. I feel like, within a few days, I made back what I invested in life coach training 5 times over. Woo-hoo!!! Thank you so much, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made along with being in SCS!